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Fees: Lane does not charge a speaker's fee - only travel and accomodation costs.

Please donate: to Family Renewal Shelter. They do tremendous work with victims who are at the highest risk, and are very much in need of financial support. Director: Ketih Galbraith. See Testimonials.

OIDV Link: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence Network.

Lane & Patty Judson's daughter Crystal

was fatally shot by the husband she was divorcing - Tacoma Washington's Police Chief David Brame. The shooting came one day after city officials publicly announced that Crystal's claims of abuse and threats would not be investigated because it was a "private matter." It was a very public murder-suicide though, executed in a shopping center parking lot with their 2 young children running to them. Chief Brame died that day but Crystal lingered. All of us here in Tacoma held our breath for that week, praying for a miracle that just could not be. She had taken a contact headshot with a police-issue glock.

Her family stayed with her in the hospital until she died, and it was during that time Lane was given the time to whisper to his daughter...


 Much has been accomplished -

together with others - from ordinary citizens to U.S. Congress members. A new Washington State law was created, local law enforcement policies changed, and federal money was appropriated to address officer-involved domestic violence.

But much is left yet to do as well.


The goal is set high, and many changes must come. We need to bring the issue into the light and seek new solutions together.


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Lane says:

All law enforcement agencies across the nation must adopt a specific policy to handle officer-involved domestic violence, victims must have support & a way to safely report when they're afraid, officers who commit severe or repeated offenses must be held accountable, and law enforcement family members must be able to reach out for preventative support without it being used against them.

Accountability in an organization depends on those in charge. Lane is an old U.S. Navy Chief,
so knows;

"Leadership starts


at the top."


"We can spread the word far and wide about the anguish Crystal suffered. We can convey the message to those who are still suffering in silence that they are not alone. And we can help prevent this tragedy from ever happening again. That would be Crystal's greatest legacy,"


Brad Chatfield,quoted from article: 

'I Love My Mom So Much And She Loved Me'; <3





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