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Our daughter, Crystal DeEtte Judson, was fatally shot in a public parking lot on April 26, 2003 by her estranged husband David Brame, police chief of Tacoma Washington. He then shot and killed himself - with our 2 young grandchildren only feet away, running to them, pleading to strangers to please help "mommy." We were at her side when Crystal died on May 3rd, 2003. [Read more]



Norfolk Virginia Police Lt. William Mackenzie killed his wife, Veterinarian Technician Patricia, and himself. March 21, 2011.


New York State Police Capt. William Gavitt's wife, Cynthia Gavitt, has been missing since October 29, 2011.



Birmingham Alabama Police Officer Rodney Jerome Wilson committed murder-suicide on his wife Uteva "Butterfly" Monique Woods Wilson. Irondale Police Detective Michael Mangina would not comment to media about a history of violence between the couple. Uteva loved her two children, her people, butterflies, and purple. Uteva was only 23. September 7, 2011. [Read more]


Allegheny County Pennsylvania Homicide Detective Lawrence Carpico committed suicide following a four-hour SWAT standoff at his home in a Pittsburgh suburb. "I think he lost perspective on how many people love him," his wife said. August 13, 2011. [Read more]


San Jose California Police Sgt. Christopher Shimek strangled his wife Lynn and fatally shot himself. November 27, 2011. [Read more]



Detroit Michigan Police Officer Patricia Catherine "Katie" Ryan Williams was fatally shot by her estranged husband after he convinced her to just meet with him in a parking lot adjacent to the police department - a safe place. Detroit Police Detective Ed Williams, after killing her, shot and killed himself. There were indications he was suicidal. Katie has a son. September 22, 2009. [Read more]


Former Bad Axe Michigan Police Chief Gary Bucholtz committed murder-suicide on his estranged wife Honda Lynn Tine Bucholtz. November 29, 2011.


Hot Springs Arkansas Police Dispatcher Dawna Natzke was missing and then found murdered. Her ex-boyfriend is the person of interest. December 21, 2011.



In Florida, Orange County Deputy Sheriff Paul Terry and his two young children, 10-year-old Elyse and 8-year-old Ian, were found shot dead in their home 3 days after Leigh Ann Terry filed for divorce. Despite Leigh Ann's fears and statements Orange Circuit Judge Bob Wattles believed the deputy's

accusations and awarded temporary custody to Deputy Terry - calling it a "a he-said, she-said thing." Deputies had responded 10 different times to Paul And Leigh Ann Terry's home - 5 times in the last month before the tragedy, and Judge Wattles - who reportedly stopped paying his own child support - went on to be honored the next year for excellence in the courtroom. [Read more]



DC Metro Police Vice Detective Richmond Phillips is indicted in the killing of  his girlfriend Wynetta Wright. Her baby Jaylin died as a result of her murder, abandoned in a car. Officer Phillips is facing two counts of first degree murder, one count of child abuse resulting in death, and one count of reckless endangerment. May 31, 2011.



4 year old Austin Hayslip-Tyler was shot and killed at his daycare by his father, Albany Georgia Police Officer Andrew Hayslip. Officer Hayslip then killed himself. Austin's mother, a former Albany Police Officer, also sustained a gunshot wound while trying to save Austin. [Read more]



Pittston Police Officer Matthew "Matt" Brokenshire murdered his girlfriend Caitlin "Cait" McGuire and then took his own life. State Police called it unpremeditated. February 6, 2011. [Read more]


Arizona Department of Corrections Officer Anthony Philip Rinaldi is charged with 1st degree murder in the killing of his wife Amanda Blaies Rinaldi. December 13, 2011.


In California David McGowan, a Riverside County District Attorney Detective and former police officer at Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City police departments, killed his wife Karen, his 3 children, his mother Angela, and himself. Son Chase was 14, daughter Paige was 10, & daughter Rayne McGowan was 8. Karen McGowan had been a Cathedral City firefighter until she retired to be a full-time mom. [Read more]


Buena Vista Township Michigan Police Officer Kenneth Bluew is facing charges of having killed his near-full term pregnant girlfriend Jennifer Marie Webb. The unborn baby was a boy, and was already named -  Braxton James Donald Webb. August 30, 2011. [Read more]



In Illinois, Cook County Sheriff's Jail Officer, Deputy Alexander Rojo caught his estranged wife Nancy Mendoza Rojo on a street walking her dog and fatally shot her several times before sitting on the curb and shooting himself. Nancy had spoken of the abuse before and had moved out to stay with a family member. Her family is heartbroken. October 11, 2010. [Read more]


Gaston Indiana Police Officer Benjamin Hankins shot his wife Lisa "Nettie" Peterson multiple times, killing her. June 3. 2011.


In Kansas, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Brett Seacat is facing trial for the murder of his wife Vashti Seacat. He is said to have attempted to make it look like a suicide. April 30, 2011.


Franklin County Ohio Sheriff's Deputy Laura Worthington was attacked and stabbed in the neck critically by her ex-Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy husband, Matthew Worthington, who then called 911 and shot himself fatally in the chest. March 16, 2011.


La Joya Texas Police Chief Jose Del Angel, had recently separated from his common-law wife when he took his own life. "He told us that he didn't know what to do - that he was tired... He just wanted to be loved." Jose said the separation left him feeling "as if he had a hole in his heart". Father of two. May 14, 2011.


Franklin County Virginia Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Agee left home with assault rifle to kill his ex-wife Jennifer Louise Carter Agee. Deputy Agee's current wife, also a deputy, called Sheriff Ewell Hunt to tell him. The sheriff opted to not put out a BOLO (Be on the lookout) and to handle it himself. A half hour later Jennifer was fatally shot multiple times in front of one of their daughters. May 30, 2011.


In Texas, Alice Police Officer Jose "Joey" Gonzales, in his police uniform, broke into his mother-in-laws' home where his estranged wife, Leslie Morin, had been staying with family members, fatally shot her multiple times. He took their 8 year old son, fled, was found later, and surrendered. December 12, 2011.


In Minnesota, Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Ruettiman shot and killed himself after a drawn out response to his alleged domestic violence against his ex-wife. October 3, 2011.


Missouri State Corrections Officer Marvin Rice murdered his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his son, Annette Durham, and her boyfriend Steven Strotkamp. December 10, 2011. [Read more]


Retired Bedford Massachusetts Police Officer John Brasnahan shot and killed his wife's mother Mary Pizzuto, and his wife's two brothers, Robert Pizzuto and Patrick Pizzuto. Then he killed himself. December 9, 2011.


Red Springs North Carolina Assistant Police Chief Kevin Locklear's fiancée, Cumberland County EMS  dispatch supervisor Amanda Graham Barker - mother of two, was found shot to death in their home. Locklear was formerly Raeford's police chief - fired after being charged with assaulting his estranged wife. Amanda death is under investigation. August 10, 2011.


New York Police Officer Philip Chlanda, said to have been angry over his girlfriend's Facebook postings and afraid that she'd leave him - fatally shot himself right in front of her on a Manhattan street. May 17, 2011.


Michigan Department of Corrections State Officer Jesus "Jessie" Flores fatally shot his wife Jennifer"Jen" Michelle Flores and then shot himself. Police had been to their home several times and it appears Jen was convinced that there was no use anymore reporting her side of the story to police. August 28, 2011.


San Diego California Police Detective Donna Williams' and her daughter Briana "Bree" Williams were murdered by Donna's son Brian. July 18, 2011


Retired Memphis Tennessee Police officer Troy Daniel died and his wife was critically injured after what investigators called an attempted murder-suicide. June 24 2011.


Colorado. Julia Hargrove died from a brain hemorrhage caused by blunt-force trauma to the head. Her husband, Pueblo County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Hargrove said, "It doesn't look good for me at all. I got scratches. I wake up. I got a dead lady on the floor right next to me. I know what it looks like. It looks really (expletive) bad and I understand the severity of that." No charges were brought. [Read more]


Southbury Connecticut Police Officer Anton Tchorzyk was discovered dead in his Watertown home, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was on suspension because of domestic violence and disorderly conduct charges. June 21, 2011.


Retired New York State Police Captain Thomas "Tom" Phelan stabbed his wife, wounding her, and then killed himself. Phelan was with the force for 21 years and retired as a captain. December 18, 2011.


Lorain County Ohio Sheriff's Division Corrections Officer William Dembie killed his wife, Holly Dembie. August 11, 2011.


Hatfield Pennsylvania Police Lieutenant Eric Schmitz fatally shot his son Stephen Andrew Schmitz in the chest. He stated that it was in self-defense and has been cleared. June 08, 2011.


Ex-Lexington South Carolina SWAT Detective Craig Brewster Thompson threatened to kill his wife, held his 4 year old twin daughters hostage for hours, and came out of the house finally to turn himself in, but wearing tactical vest, bearing arms, and carrying a knife. He lunged and cut an officer and his former fellow officers than shot and killed him. March 17, 2011.


United States Veteran's Affairs Police Officer Donald Pickney murdered his wife Chanda, a VA physicians assistant. Donald Pickney previously served as a law enforcement officer with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office and the Opelousas Police Department. Retired Opelousas Officer Paul N. Gennuso said  of Chanda, "She had a inner beauty that was unbelievable." He's being charged with  2nd degree battery, false imprisonment and 2nd degree murder. Donald Pickney had been dismissed from the Sheriff's Office after repeated complaints of stalking his ex-wife. October 29, 2011.


In Washington State, Yakima County sheriff's Deputy Sean Moore killed himself in jail rather than face prison. He had recently been convicted for first- and second-degree assault on two victims, as well as third-degree rape and residential burglary, with a domestic violence enhancement. May 21, 2011.


Kennewick Washington Firefighter Ryan Michael Gladstone was charged with first-degree child molestation "of a child he knows." He and his wife were in the midst of a divorce. He was put on leave and served a protection order from his wife. While in jail he was found hanging, and later died at the hospital. January 27, 2011.


Fired Idaho Ada County Sheriff's Jail Deputy Michael James Lee brutally assaulted his wife and then murdered his mother, Lynn Marie Blake.. January 4, 2011.


Ex-North Chicago Illinois Police Officer Devin Bickham, hired a man to kill his girlfriend, aspiring police officer Chevron Alexander. JULY 11, 2011.


Vancouver Washington Police Officer Douglas Deaver  was found in the woods dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a domestic disturbance. A shot had been fired at the home before he left, but no one was injured. The person who called police said Douglas had mentioned suicide, then walked out with a gun. Douglas Deaver was hired by Vancouver in October 2000 and previously worked 10 years for the Dallas, Texas, police. January 18, 2011.


Retired New York Police Officer Clarence Cash shot his wife multiple times, killing her. He says it was after she told him she was leaving him. Tracey Young worked in the Criminal Investigations Division of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, involved in surveillance work and undercover stings against illicit cigarette importers. December 10, 2011.


Maryland Heights Missouri Police Officer Ryan Metz's 3 year old son Daniel was killed while playing with his father's gun. July 19, 2011.


Sandra Plunkett was charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of her husband, Retired Jefferson City Missouri Police Officer III Paul Plunkett. Before Jefferson City, Paul started his career with the Kennett Police Department, then the Butler County Sheriff's Department. January 1, 2011.


Jackson Mississippi Police Detective Natyyo Gray is facing a capital murder charge after the blunt-force death of his 1 year old daughter Aubrey Zoe Brown while in his care. November 20, 2011.


Randolph County Alabama Sheriff's Major Robert Sims says his wife, Randolph County Sheriff's Reserve Captain Brenda Joyce Sims, was accidentally killed after he brought out the couple's bags of guns for target practice in the back yard. He said one of the guns fired from within the bag when he sat it down. It's under investigation, but at this time is said to appear to have been an accident. DOD December 31, 2011. [Read more]


United States Border Patrolman, Alejandro Acevedo, and a cousin of his wife living with the couple, Omar Olivares, had a heated dispute described as "domestic" which escalated into 35 rounds of gunfire. Both died. September 19, 2011.


California  Department of Corrections Lieutenant Virgil Millon fatally shot his ex-fiancee, Arabella Bradford, and her close friend, Malvin Conley Jr. Police then killed Millon outside the home he and Bradford owned. Bradford and Conley also worked for  the Department of Corrections. MAY 10, 2011


Onslow County Sheriff's Deputy Adam Stock justifiably shot and killed his neighbor, Havelock firefighter Austin Zundel who was drunk and armed with a shotgun in a domestic dispute with his wife, had shot several shots, had knocked down a neighbor who tried to help, and continued to be noncooperative and a threat. February 17, 2011.


In Oregon, Clackamas County Sheriff's Sergeant Jeffrey Grahn shot and killed his wife Charlotte, her friend Kathleen Hoffmeister, her friend Victoria Schulmerich, and himself. Charlotte feared her husband but was afraid to report him to police. February 12, 2010.


Oxford Alabama Police Officer William "Bill" Hancock shot and killed his wife Tabatha, their 8 month-old son Logan, and himself Tabatha and Logan are memorialized with a need-based scholarship for students at the University of West Georgia. July 20th 2010.


Longview Police Officer Jamie Ellyn Goodan was physically assaulted by her husband, Longview 911 Communications Administrator Harry Goodan, before he shot and killed her with her with her own gun. Ellen has a son who was her life and she had served 15 years in law enforcement - with 29 commendations for her service. December 11, 2010. [Read more]


Sunbury Pennsylvania Police Officer Michael William Miller fatally shot his wife, Robin Lee Prentice Miller, multiple times. He then shot himself. The investigation search warrant said the couple had a history of domestic altercations. The couple's two daughters were home when the shootings occurred. Michael's police chief boss was counseling them. March 20, 2010. [Read more]


Nashville Tennessee Metro Police Officer Deon Cartmell told police an account that indicated that his wife Shari Bethel Cartmell had shot herself. In all, Officer Cartmell gave three accounts about what occurred inside their home. He was convicted for 2nd degree murder. March 16 2010 .


Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Eddie Silcox killed his wife, Sandra Silcox, and then himself. Sandra was a registered nurse and director of clinical services for Senior Health Care in Inverness. They had been married 29 years, and hand separated. After shooting and killing her he called the Citrus County 911 center. "I would like you to know I just shot my wife and I am going to shoot myself... I have been depressed and I can't take it anymore." They have 2 sons. April 11, 2010.


Statesville Police Officer Robert Przasnyski shot Heather Przasnyski, who was estranged from him, when she came to pick up their 2 boys. He shot her as she walked away from him, and then shot himself. Heather was a hair stylist with Shear Designs in Statesville. "She was a sweet girl, and she loved her boys more than anything in this world." Statesville Police Chief Tom Anderson said he and others at the SPD knew that Przasnyski was having problems with his marriage. December 14, 2010.


Tenino Washington Police Chief Sean Gallagher told police that his wife, Marlo Gallagher, killed herself with a shotgun while they were home together. Dec. 26, 2010.


Parker Florida Police officer Mark Bomia killed ex-girlfriend Anna Beach while on duty and in uniform. He was convicted of her murder. Sept. 30, 2010.


In Cobb County, Georgia - United States Customs and Border Protection Federal law enforcement officer Michael Abrah Ntiamoah murdered his estranged wife Fatoumata and her boyfriend Mohamed Zaine. "...Neighbors said they heard nearly 30 shots, and watched as Ntiamoah chased his wife down the street shooting at her. She died in a neighbor's driveway..." December 18th, 2010.


New York Department of Corrections Officer Patrick Maynard and his wife, Prison Counselor Rose Rascoe, were both found dead with a handgun. It was ruled a murder-suicide. They both worked at Clinton Correctional Facility. They have two daughters. [Read more]


Georgia Highway Patrol Dispatcher Alisha Kendrick had become a familiar voice, known to her colleagues as "Lili." She was the victim of her husband Christopher's murder-suicide. Dec. 15, 2010.


Daytona Beach Florida Police Officer Chris(topher) Reeder says his girlfriend Cathryn Moore shot herself with his weapon while he was in the shower. Immediately, before there was an investigation, police were already saying it looks to be what Officer Reeder said it was. February 6, 2010.


Deputy Jeremy Banks told police that his girlfriend Michelle O'Connell shot herself, and that he was in another part of the house at the time that it happened . From the only article: "The girlfriend of a St. Johns County sheriff's deputy died overnight in an apparent suicide... it was the deputy's service weapon that was involved..." September 2, 2010 .


Florida Department of Corrections Officer Honda Mickens-Williams was stabbed and killed by her corrections officer husband Jabcol Ellis Williams. October 05, 2010.


The wife of retired Los Angeles California Police Detective  Steve Wynn, Cheryl Rose Wynn, was found murdered in their home. Police say they have no suspects. January 31, 2010.


In Alabama, Madison County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Lee Earls held a gun to wife Telisha's head in front of deputies. By the time the shooting was over, both were dead. Telisha is survived by two children. April 18 2010.


Daniel Raponi, an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives shot and killed his wife Jessie Alexander Smith Raponi - loving mother and professional massage therapist - before turning the gun on himself. Between them, Jessie leaves 3 children that are hers and 2 more that she loves as hers. Daniel also has 2 young children. April 4, 2010. [Read more]


Homer Louisiana police officer Michael Rayburn fatally wounded himself  by gunfire in a suicide attempt after a couple of months of relationship problems and department conflicts. He died a little more than a year later after much medical treatment and care. June 10 2010.


Los Angeles Police Officer Fernando Macias shot and killed his son, Brian Macias, after the teen allegedly attacked him with a picture frame. Responding officers told the media it was self-defense before taking a day to investigate. February 25, 2010.


Kenosha Wisconsin Police Officer Erich Strausbaugh was having marital problems and had been stressed in the aftermath of a police shooting. Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey believes it was mostly the home issues that weighed on him.  October 31, 2010.


In California, Oxnard Police Officer Robert Perez was stabbed to death by his ex-girlfriend Claudia Valenciana, a former Ventura County Sheriff's deputy who had been engaged to and abused by him. Claudia had recently broke off their relationship. Self-defense could not be disproved and she was not charged. The year before his death Officer Perez had waged an armed standoff holding his then-girlfriend - a fellow Oxnard police officer, captive. The charges against him included assault with a firearm, false imprisonment by violence, three counts of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, battery, resisting arrest and domestic violence. March 2, 2009. [Read more]


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Kathryn Rebeka Minton Tucker broke up with Bedford Indiana Police Officer Kyle Brown - so he shot and killed her - then shot and killed himself. Kat has two daughters. Kat has two daughters, 9 and 14 at the time of her death. May 18, 2009. From web comments:

"He shot her 8 times... she had made several calls to BPD reporting his stalking. and threats... that should be evidence thats trackable... right?" [Read More]


In Alabama, Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department Dispatcher Regina Russell of Florence was brutally beaten then fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend, James Christopher Robertson. Robertson shot himself when confronted by a state trooper the next day. March 26, 2010.


New York Police Lt. Francis Cole, amid divorce, stabbed his wife Elena before shooting her at their home in Centereach. He then shot himself. Before he killed Elena, he struck his teenage daughter in the face when she tried to intervene. Elena Cole's 81-year-old mother was in the home at the time of the attack. The couple is also survived by three sons. January 12, 2009.


California Highway Patrol Officer Tomiekia Johnson was found guilty of 1st degree murder in the killing of her husband Marcus Lavar Lemons, a well-known barber in the community. Her story of domestic violence did not match the evidence. Faces 50 years to life in prison. February 21, 2009. [Read more]


Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Investigator David Lowe was shot and killed by his wife at home. Kathy Lowe was not immediately arrested or charged due to past domestic incidents, but eventually was charged. So far there have been two trials, both resulting in hung juries. November 11, 2008. [Read more]


In Texas, San Juan Police Officer Jose Hernandez fatally shot his wife, Rosa Maria Castilla and then killed himself. Rosa told family about beatings her husband gave her but didn't want him reported. "He would hit her and he would pull out his issued gun from San Juan Police Department and tell her not to leave."  Oct. 6, 2009. [Read more]


In Mississippi, Panola County Sheriff Hugh Bright shot himself while at his girlfriend's Batesville home, shortly after spending the morning with his wife. Bright had worked for the Sheriff's Department for more than two decades. September 27, 2009. [Read more]


In New York, Utica Police Detective Joseph Longo, suspended, with his work gun removed, used a knife to kill his wife Kristin Palumbo-Longo, and himself. There are 4 Longo children. Lawsuit pending. September 28, 2009. [Read More]


Lebanon Kentucky police officer David Ford's wife Tonya called Taylor County 911 saying she found her husband dead at their home. She was arrested and indicted, charged with Murder-Domestic Violence. David has Four sons, three stepchildren. February 10, 2009.


Ex-Murfreesboro Tennessee police Officer Daniel Gardner said he accidently shot and killed his girlfriend Marie Harper Cogburn with an AR-15 rifle, shooting her in the back while they were arguing. Marie was bruised up and had a broken nose. Gardner was sentenced to 20 years for first degree murder. Marie was also known as Ree and she unwillingly left three sons who love her. January 10, 2009. [Read more]

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In Virginia, Orange County Sheriff's Office Investigator Bob Canosa was murdered by his estranged wife, Brenda - who says she didn't remember killing him. She drove to where he was staying, called him to have him come out, then started shooting him. Bob was a former Marine and had worked for the Culpeper County Sheriff's Department before Orange County. Brenda was convicted and sentenced. They have 2 brokenhearted daughters. December 11, 2009.


Michigan State Trooper Melvin Holbrook was shot and killed at home with his own service weapon by wife Joni. Joni told the sentencing court, "I don't look at myself as a killer. I look at myself as a survivor." The judge said he took submitted evidence of abuse into consideration and sentenced her to 6 to 15 years. August 10, 2009. [Read more]


Mangum Oklahoma Police Officer Brian Keith Ditmore and his wife were involved in a domestic dispute. She fled the house with 3 children and ran next door to her brother's house to called 911. Her brother, Mangum Fire Chief, then went next door and was shot and wounded by Ditmore. Ditmore shot and killed himself. Nov 26, 2009. 


US District of Columbia Firefighter Dante Paire shot and critically wounded his former fiancee, fellow D.C. firefighter Jessica A. Wimbush, and her parents before shooting and killing himself. Paire was due in court within days to deal with a stay-away order from another firefighter. Paire was on suspension and enforced leave at the time of the shooting attacks and his death. February 4, 2009. [Read more]


In Maine, Stacey Savoy was shot and killed by her husband, Bruce Savoy, a former Old Orchard Beach Police and Wells Police Officer who then shot and killed himself. Bruce had continued to serve as a reserve officer. Stacey and her k9, Samson, were a certified Wilderness Airscent Team working with Maine Search And Rescue Dogs (MESARD). She had informed Bruce of her plans to divorce him the day before she was murdered. November 16, 2009. [Read more]


Pennsylvania State Police Dispatcher in Norristown, Amber Nicole Jackson, was brutally stabbed and killed by her high school sweetheart ex-boyfriend Frederick "Freddie" Cleveland a couple of days after she had moved out of their shared residence and back home to her parents. Cleveland was found guilty. Mandatory sentence is life. December 30, 2008. [Read more]


In Massachusetts, Weymouth Police Dispatcher Kerrin Marie Kelly-Nelson died in a housefire that was considered suspicious. "The blaze started in a first floor kitchen near or in a gas stove. A propane tank left near the stove exploded." She was found unconscious upstairs. Kerrin is survived by 2 daughters and her husband. January 23, 2008.


In Georgia, Walker County Sheriff's 911 Dispatcher Theresa Parker went missing during a divorce from LaFayette Polce Sgt Sam Parker. He was convicted 2 years later, without Theresa's body being found. In 2010 her body was discovered. DOD / Date Theresa went missing: March 22, 2007. [Read more]


Albuquerque New Mexico Police Officer Levi Chavez's department-issued handgun, a 9 mm Glock, was found next to his wife Tera Chavez's body. Tera's family said they never believed she killed herself. Chavez is indicted for murder finally in 2011. DOD October 21, 2007. [Read more]


In New Jersey, Passaic County Sheriff's Detective Ernest Ona pulled off the highway on return from a party and shot himself in front of his wife Nilsa, a dispatcher with the Sheriff's Department. She called 911. Responding officers found him with his gun in his lap, already deceased. DOD May 15, 2003.

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