"Out of a tragedy that was devastating to two families, you hope that something good and positive can evolve. And it has..."

Tacoma City Council Member Connie Ladenburg, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg,, U.S. Representatives Norm Dicks and Dave Reichert, with Lane Judson at Grand Opening ceremonies for the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center.


Lane Judsonís Statement during

Grand Opening for

The Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

January 20,2006

Out of a tragedy that was devastating to two families, you hope that something good and positive can evolve. And it has. Although this is a solemn day it is also a day to be thankful, happy, and reflect on what has happened, and know our collective efforts will ensure others will know what services are available and have one location they can seek support and care from Domestic Violence.

We began our journey for answers and results as a simple goal to honor our beautiful daughter, Crystal Judson, a loving mother and a cherished sister. However, we found an outpouring of community support that grew into a Taskforce that involved more than 70 highly trained Domestic Violence professionals, advocates, state legislators who drafted and eventually helped pass, a new law SB 6161 in March of 2004 that took the first step of addressing law enforcement domestic violence statewide. Thank you to all who made this step happen.

Then we began to work with Pierce County and Tacoma public officials to seek results and protections to address domestic violence. County and City officials here today worked extremely hard to combine their efforts into a one-stop shop location where victims of DV can seek support. And today marks the grand opening of such a unique center that will help all those in need of services find them in one place. Susan Adams, the director, has put together a very dedicated team that will do all they can to assist those who come for help. Citizens of Pierce County and Tacoma should be very proud of their vision, wisdom, and the funding to open such a facility. Thank you for your dedication to South Puget Sound citizens.

To our members of congress we applaud and thank you for the Federal funds allocated to open the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center. Senator Cantwell, you were the first to approach the City and County and ask how you could help seek the necessary funds to enable this center to open as expeditiously as possible. Your office also made it a priority to ensure our family was comfortable with the progress of this project, the process of opening and ultimately the naming of this center. Your thoughtful support and our numerous discussions resulted in all parties agreeing to name this center in honor of our daughter, Crystal, and even the logo that will forever adorn this important pillar of our community.

Senator Cantwell, we are so pleased you could be here today; we might very well not be in this new facility without your support and partnership.

To Congressman Norm Dicks, as the senior member of our delegation, we know it was your leadership and clout in the House that made this funding become a reality. We cannot thank you enough for your attention and leadership to ensure this funding was available. To Congressman Dave Reichert, your support, personal phone calls and signing of books for our grand children are a treasure to be-hold. To Congressman Jay Inslee, phone calls from your office starting in Dec. of 2004 and continuing thru mid December 2005, gave us strength and courage to work closely with you and Beth Osbrne of your staff who has been exceptional to work with.

We also extend our thanks to Paul Luvera and his law firm for their efforts over the last number of years on our familyís behalf. Your care and understanding of the magnitude of Crystalís loss to our community was remarkable. You helped ensure this center would be named after our daughter, as part of the settlement agreement. You also creatively created a settlement that will allow depositions to continue until all facets of this tragedy are known, examined and ultimately not repeated. Your efforts to ensure naming the center as the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center would be a priority and that a full understanding of this tragedy would be shared keeps Crystalís memory alive and attests to how deadly domestic violence can be. We are confident that had such a center been available at the time she needed one, she would have used it to its full extent. Thank you Mr. Luvera and your staff for what you have done for the family.

To the thousands of people supporting us state wide, as well as other states in our quest to get a national domestic violence policy in place, your efforts have had a tremendous pay back. The Crystal Judson Brame Domestic Violence Protocol Program was passed by our United States Senate and House of Representatives on December 16, & 17, 2005. This was an early holiday present for all citizens of the United States.

Again, to Senator Cantwell and our members of Congress here today, your diligence and tenacity to fulfill a promise we made to our daughter and others like her in these United States, has become a reality, with the opening of this remarkable full service DV center and the passing of The Crystal Judson Brame Domestic Violence Protocol Program.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.