Tacoma Police Department


Officer Involved Domestic Violence Policy

From the City of Tacoma, Washington




February 11, 2004



Captain Tom Strickland, Tacoma Police Department, (253) 591-5556

Scott Huntley, Communications Supervisor, (253) 591-5791



Tacoma Police Department unveils new domestic violence policies


The Tacoma Police Department will present its new officer-involved domestic violence policies to the Council’s Committee of the Whole 4:30 p.m. Feb. 12. The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers, first floor Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market St.


The policies are the result of an extraordinary collaboration between local and regional law enforcement personnel, City and community leaders, domestic violence advocates and victims from across the nation. Experts were consulted and specific ideas on officer-involved domestic violence were gleaned from other police department policies throughout the nation.


“The Tacoma Police Department seeks to implement a policy that promotes victim safety, allows for intervention, and holds abusive officers accountable for their actions while protecting their rights to due process,” said Diane Wettendorf, nationally-renowned domestic violence advocate and author.


The new Tacoma policies will implement the most effective strategies for dealing with police as perpetrators and/or victims of domestic violence. The goals of the policies are:

  • To prevent domestic violence through mandated reporting, training and close cooperation with domestic violence advocacy groups.  
  • To assist victims of domestic violence by maintaining strict confidentiality, connecting victims to advocacy groups and providing extensive employee domestic violence training.
  • To fully examine the background of all prospective Tacoma Police Department officers prior to hiring.   
  • To investigate all domestic violence allegations against Tacoma Police Department employees.    
  • To respond immediately and effectively to all allegations of domestic violence against Tacoma Police Department employees.  

Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell commented, “These policies underscore our commitment to maintaining a work environment that does not tolerate domestic violence. We aim to ensure a secure reporting process for victims of domestic violence and to respond swiftly to their need for safety and confidentiality.”