Examples of Domestic Violence, Accidents, Suicides and Murders

Domestic violence refers to any behavior aimed at gaining power and control over a spouse or members who are closely related. The behavior is learned and it is not caused by anger or influence. Intimate partner violence as it is known, domestic violence is committed by people living together in a domestic set up either as spouses or members of the same household. Family violence can additionally be directed towards parents, children besides the elderly. It occurs in many forms including physical violence which includes beating a person inflicting an injury on their bodies.

Verbal violence is a form of domestic violence which involves using abusive words that hurt either a spouse or a member of household. On the other side, emotional violence occurs whenever a person in a family set up abuses another sexually. If not controlled, it can lead to psychological problems such as depression and stress. Divorce and separation of families will also result from family violence.

Suicides occur when persons kill themselves

Deaths occur if pressure is exerted on spouses, children as well as parents. Accidents occur as a result of an unexpected occurrence of domestic violence. If not taken with the weight they deserve, accidents may be fatal to the victims of domestic violence. They may be as a result of beating, stoning as well as burning with fire and warm water. Fighting between partners in addition to closely related members makes objects fall on partners causing accidents. Spouses cut each other with sharp objects during household fights causing accidents. Partners may poison each other in a union leading to death.

Suicides occur when persons kill themselves because of reasons known to them. Intimate partners violence become unbearable at instances. Having no body to give out moral support to the affected, they decide to take away their lives. Committing suicide seems to be the best option rather than going through much pain and suffering. If not controlled, this issue will continue to be a major cause of orphanage homes in many countries.

Examples of Domestic Violence, Accidents, Suicides and Murders

Suicide takes several forms including taking poison to take away life due to desperation. Those in domestic violence can also stab themselves with sharp objects to evade family wrangles. Victims to the circumstance throw themselves down from a storey building only to land down and die. Partners lock themselves in a poorly ventilated room and this deprives them enough oxygen leading to death.

In a family set up, murder is cause by may factors including the following; fighting to death. Where spouses fight each other, excess force may be used causing death of one partner. This is considered to be a case of murder actionable in a court of law. A spouse can plan for the murder of their partner as a result of misunderstanding. Victims of domestic violence may stone each other to death.

This is considered as a case of murder in a household set up. Domestic violence mainly occurs where the abusers believe that it may not be reported to the higher authority. Women are more exposed to the violence more than men and when face it, it is unlikely to be reported.