Flaws of Donald Trump that are globally criticized

The conduct of a man is highly dictated by his knowledge of situations around him, his courage and integrity shape the way Trump acts. Donald Trump is tagged as a headstrong man by lots of media posts and news channels, reasons results from past exploits. Throughout the presidential reign of Trump, he’s exhibited lots of flawed characters that has left many with questions and critics. The twin policy scandals in his presidential tenure involving Syria and Ukraine have led to most of the critics encountered. He’s deemed unfit in temperament, lots of people have complained about Donald’s petty corrupt cases leading to more criticism. Trump was incompetent in decisions made when the diplomatic challenges arose from Northern Syria competence test.

He came into office having acquired

He came into office having acquired a difficult and tricky military conflict which Trump didn’t make favorable choices with, this led to some drastic effects. Trump’s corruption scandal led to impeachment, this brought critics from people of different countries, criticizing the office. It was rumoured that Donald Trump attempted to force Ukraine to investigate both Hunter and Joe Biden, this was highly criticized. Four years ago during the last elections, the Ukrainian government was involved in foreign investigations showing Trump’s unfitness. Lots of tweets globally have described Trump’s presidency as a chaotic one because of his behavioral issues. The way Donald reacts to certain situations are seen to be unethical by lots of people, this has led to lots of complaints on Twitter on news broadcasts.

Flaws of Donald Trump that are globally criticized

Those in defense always bring up cases of fair policies on taxes, appointments for court meetings, freedom of abortion. Trump’s worst reactions were seen by most of the advisers on economic matters, he’s a short-tempered person. Donald’s short temper, anger issues have driven off plenty of the best advisers on state matters, leaving on staff. Donald Trump attempted to sever the long-standing treaty with Syrian Kurds, this action led to some of his advisers resigning. Trump’s character has left plenty wondering why the American presidency is allowed to behave the way he does and not get a legal sanction. Many of Donald’s decisions are deemed insensitive, the man does not care for reasonable pieces of advice, he does what pleases him.

It’s not easy to convince Republicans that character matters in official conducts, to be reckless is something not condoned in office. Donald Trump blatantly lied under legal oath when he was questioned about misconduct, he has a disregard for the law. Having affair outside of marriage came easy for Donald as he threw the moral ethics of Office and marriage away. The citizens of America appreciate the peace brought by their chosen candidate over the last four years but the White House’s drama is frowned at. In the quest, full pursuit for power, character is disregarded so says the partisan mind, it’s dynamic with endless chaos. Even congress personnel and senators went against Donald’s decision concerning the Syrian retreat.

Trump doesn’t have a suitable character to control the US citizens, military, the United States of America tweeted an American citizen.