The best Proof That God Exists

Whether God exists or not is considered an argument that may go for hours without agreeing. The only thing that can make a difference is how you support your argument with proof and facts. This will bring the forum to an end without any resistance or opposition. Though those who are not satisfied will try to air their views at last they will have to swallow their pride and agree. In our writing, we are going to showcase some proofs that God exists. Even scientists with their science supported the notion because there was no way they could prove it wrong.

There is a Bible story that talks about Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt after failing to obey the instructions given. This is living proof of the existence of God. If you visit Israel, you can be directed to the exact location of that pillar which still stands up to date. Apart from that, the ruins of how the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire are visible. It has never been rebuild since the land became unproductive and could not support any living thing from plants to animals.

Scientists have been trying to create

Each one has either one time or another has heard about people claiming that they have received miracles such as healing from diseases and conditions that can never be explained. Not even doctors could explain this situation or how it happened all doctors do is just stand in shock. Some incurable diseases have been healed such as cancer plus HIV. In other circumstances people who are announced to be crippled others paralyzed for the great of their lives turn out to be walking. This is a shocking statement but it shows that there is a supernatural power behind it all.

Scientists have been trying to create a womb that could carry and host embryos. Cloning was introduced, the testing we’re done where it proved to be successful. Dolly was the first creature to be cloned successfully, but they had to search for a surrogate mother because of being unable to create a surrounding similar to that of a normal womb. This shows how unique creatures are and how God took the time to create us. Scientists were unable to explain how it was not possible to create a womb because God made us uniquely and nothing can replace us even come close to being similar.

Resurrection is another proof of God's

Extraterrestrial beings are proof of the existence of God, among these terrestrial beings include angels. There are those people who claimed that they had a visitation from them. The only place where these things are found is in the Bible where it’s known that angels are messengers of God. Mostly angels bring good tidings and blessings from God other instances warnings of things about to happen. Demons are other terrestrial beings that exist since the war that took place in heaven after the war took place between God and Satan. This shows the existence of God only that He cannot be viewed with naked eyes.

Resurrection is another proof of God’s existence in this life we are living in. It is believed that only Jesus Christ was able to arise from the valley of the dead. But many have testified of family members even friends whom it was believed that they were dead, came back to life. None can explain the genesis of these phenomena, from the scientific point of view it’s impossible. After being resurrected, some have told about visiting heaven and hell. Others shockingly claimed to have conversed with Jesus who was their tour guide of the heavenly surrounding and hell too.

The best Proof That God Exists

The original existence of planets from the science world was explained through various theories. In these theories’ nothing can explain the origin of the sun, moon, asteroids, and other related features. It means they cannot explain their origin which brings us back to the creation theory which is the beginning of all life. There is the origin of religion, why people worship etc.

Those are just a few of the proofs, the list is inexhaustible and all cannot be written down in a single writing. Others may argue otherwise, lack of evidence makes it difficult to prove their points. For those who believe that God exists, there are numerous points to consider that support their belief.