Why Donald Trump is criticized by many people

Being a public figure comes with many criticisms, but being the president of the United States of America comes with more criticism than other posts. President Donald Trump who is the 45th president of the United States of America is a man who has lots of critics since he became the leader of America. Since Donald Trump starting ruling, he has seen people criticize him from different parts of the country, and these people have different reasons for criticizing Donald Trump. This piece will look into some obvious reasons that make people criticize Donald Trump starting from his first day in office as the President of America.

Most Americans who criticize Donald Trump

Most Americans who criticize Donald Trump do so because he’s a businessman, and not a politician, making them feel that Donald Trump doesn’t have enough experience to lead. Donald Trump used to run a huge empire before harboring thoughts of leading Americans, but some American citizens feel that Trump’s lack of political history makes him unfit to lead them to greatness. Even though Trump has tried to harness the knowledge acquired from business, people have gone on to criticize him even when Trump has made reasonable contributions to America’s economy. Although Donald Trump has shown good leadership qualities some times, a set of people still think that Trump is not qualified to lead a nation as great as America. Like every President, Donald Trump has people who celebrate his ruling style as what is needed to make the US better than it is now.

Why Donald Trump is criticized by many people

Donald Trump’s policies have attracted so much criticism especially from people who have been against Trump since 2016, when Donald Trump resumed office. Every new leader comes with policy changes that he feels will improve things, and it doesn’t matter how good those policies are, people will still criticize them. In January, before the virus started spreading rapidly, Donald’s policies helped the US maintain its place as the best economy with considerable growth, yet people still criticized the policies Trump brought. You can say that those who criticize Donald Trump’s trade policies have limited business knowledge, yet this doesn’t stop them from criticizing any step that Donald Trump takes in office.

Since mid-February, the number of people who criticize Donald Trump has significantly risen because they think that Donald Trump didn’t take the virus that has killed thousands of Americans serious enough. Donald Trump downplayed the severity of the virus when it started, and this led to people being reluctant to protect themselves, leading to more deaths. Thousands of people have died in other parts of the world where the virus spread to, yet citizens of those countries don’t criticize their presidents the way Americans criticize Donald Trump. Some Americans have gone ahead to say that Donald Trump’s carelessness led to the death of thousands who were infected with the deadly virus. It’s said that even the Pope has critics, so it’s not surprising to know that Donald Trump has people from different wings who criticize him for different things, but it’s something that he’ll have to live with as a public figure.